ARTIST:  Oh, Be Clever //  SONG:  “Lost You”

”Lost You” is the newest single from Utah duo Oh, Be Clever, following “My Religion” and “Next To You.” The track belongs under the electropop umbrella but it has a definitively rock n roll edge between the distorted bass synth and lines like “I’m fucked up, I’m broken.” If you’re in Dallas, you can seem them perform tonight with Tove Lo.

ARTIST:  Foxes //  SONG:  “Glorious”

SO happy Foxes’ new record is out in the US. I’ve been a fan since “Beauty Queen” and am definitely not disappointed by her first full length album. Although there are a ton of great songs, I’ll probably have “Glorious” on repeat for the next month due to that epic and beautiful chorus.

ARTIST:  Ryn Weaver //  SONG:  “OctaHate”

”OctaHate” is at almost 30k SoundCloud plays in 10 hours, so it’s not really surprising that this track is amazing. (Not to mention, Charli XCX worked on it with a bunch of other super cool people.) This is currently Ryn Weaver’s only released song, but it has the polish of an artist who has been at it for a while, and we can’t wait to hear more. (Sidenote: is it just me or does she kinda look like Marnie from Girls?)

ARTIST:  Kwabs //  SONG:  “Into You”

UK artist Kwabs is back with a new single produced by Chris Loco. “Last Stand” is still one of my favorite songs, and it’s great to hear him continue to put out solid tracks. His newest is slightly more upbeat but still stays in his vein of dark, electronic R&B that we know and love.

ARTIST:  Harry Hudson //  SONG:  “Simple”

Harry Hudson beautifully combines R&B and pop sensibilities in “Simple.” The track’s verses are downtempo, and the chorus builds to a melodically powerful peak. It’s a small detail, but there is something incredibly satisfying in the vibrato he puts on his voice when he sings the word “simple.” We can’t wait to hear more from this artist.